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The Maine Woods Consortium (MWC) is an open association of non-profit organizations, businesses and government agencies dedicated to advancing a “triple bottom line” approach (economy, environment, community) to development and conservation in the Maine Woods region. The work of the MWC is currently concentrated in three areas:

  1. Information sharing to promote awareness, collaboration and innovation among Maine Woods stakeholders;
  2. Expanding the influence of members on relevant large-scale Maine Woods initiatives; and
  3. Incubating and guiding investment in initiatives that advance the economic, community and ecological well-being of the Maine Woods region.
      Creating Quality Vacation Destinations
      in the Maine Woods

      The Consortium launched the Maine Woods Quality Tourism Initiative in 2009 based on a shared interest in increasing the number of livable wage jobs available to people working in the tourism sector in the Maine Woods. Since then, Consortium members have successfully leveraged private and public investments to deliver direct support to several hundred businesses, advance strategic thinking about long term Maine Woods tourism development, and build critical networks and capacity to supporting ongoing, quality-centered tourism development in the Maine Woods. Highlights to date include:

      • Delivered 110 training workshops serving more than 1,200 individuals from over 400 businesses through the Maine Woods Tourism Training Initiative.
      • Partnered with the Center for Tourism Research and Outreach to create the Welcome ME Online Customer Service Training to address a critical, ongoing need for tourism businesses – more than 1,200 users since its launch in spring 2012.
      • Combined cooperative marketing with “quality labeling” strategies to promote high quality tourism and recreation experiences through Maine Woods Discovery.
      • Convened two day-long Maine Woods Tourism Retreats to explore and develop strategies to address challenges and opportunities facing Maine Woods tourism providers.

      To learn more, contact a member of Maine Woods Consortium Coordinating Team or contact Network Coordinator Mike Wilson of the Northern Forest Center at or 207-767-9952

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