The Maine Woods Tourism Training Initiative (MWTTI) has served as an anchor program for the Maine Woods Consortium’s quality tourism program since 2010.

From its launch as a pilot project in three counties, the program has since delivered consistent business support programming across all seven Maine Woods counties.

Working with local partners in all seven Maine Woods counties, between 2013 and 2017, the Consortium’s Tourism Training Initiative delivered:

— 73 training workshops serving hundreds of tourism business owners and employees across the Maine Woods
— Matching grants to help more than 30 small businesses across the region implement businesses innovations, based on lessons delivered through training workshops
— Hands-on technical assistance to help 20 Katahdin area tourism businesses improve “local search” results (Google Places, Maps, etc.) prior to the establishment of the Katahdin Woods & Waters National Monument

The Consortium, also worked with the Maine Office of Tourism and the University of Maine to create the WelcomeME online hospitality training program and site.

Partners are currently working with the Maine Office of Tourism to pilot a new Community Destination Academy program to build local destination development capacity among business, non-profit, and municipal leaders in high potential Rural Destination Areas.

Learn more about the Community Destination Academy program.