On May 16-17, 2018, the Maine Woods Consortium will host its 5th Maine Woods Destination Rally in Greenville, ME to engage tourism leaders from across the state in celebrating, learning about, and shaping Rural Destination Development strategies for the Maine Woods region.

With travel and tourism projected to grow in Maine and nationally, Rural Destination Areas have a timely opportunity to diversify their economies by investing in recreational, cultural, and community assets to attract not only new visitors but new residents and businesses as well.

The two-day event will feature:

— Guided tour of Moosehead Lake region destination assets
— Evening reception for networking and story-telling
— Forecasting travel and activity trends impacting the Maine Woods
— Discussion about balancing increased visitation and a dynamic forest products economy
— Scenario planning for High Potential Rural Destination Areas and the Maine Woods region

As input to this event, the Maine Woods Consortium has contracted with the consulting firm Future IQ to analyze future tourism trends, economic impacts, and destination development scenarios for the Maine Woods.

Future IQ’s findings will anchor day two of the Rally and include a focus on High Potential Rural Destination Areas including the Bethel/Maine West, Rangeley Lakes, High Peaks, Kennebec Valley, Moosehead, Katahdin, St. John Valley, Downeast Lakes and Bold Coast regions.

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