Maine Woods Consortium partners are working together to capitalize on the $5.6 billion opportunity  to build economic vitality in the Maine Woods through development of a network of Rural Destination Areas.

High Potential Rural Destination Areas

Based on an analysis of factors including natural, recreational and cultural amenities, downtown centers, local commitment, and organizational capacity, Consortium partners have identified the following High Potential Rural Destination Areas as priority focal points for regional destination development.

Bethel/Maine West
Rangeley Lakes
Maine’s High Peaks
Kennebec Valley
Moosehead Lake
Katahdin Region
St. John Valley
Downeast Lakes
The Bold Coast

Consortium partners are coordinating delivery of technical and financial assistance by multiple state and private resource organizations to capitalize on the potential of these areas to serve as drivers of a robust and sustainable visitor economy that supports community revitalization and attracts new residents and businesses.