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Working together to bring prosperity to the Maine Woods.

TPainting by George Ramoshe Maine Woods Consortium had its start in 2001 with the creation of the Maine Mountain Heritage Network by managers of heritage development projects from across Franklin, Oxford, Somerset and Piscataquis Counties. This group engaged a diverse network of organizations in projects including strategic analysis of regional development opportunities, a “signature products” marketing campaign, and a traveling media exhibit of natural and cultural heritage.

In 2008 the MMHN coordinating team joined with partners from Penobscot, Aroostook and Washington counties to create the Maine Woods Consortium (MWC) – an open association of non-profit organizations, businesses and government agencies dedicated to advancing a “triple bottom line” approach (economy, environment, community) to development and conservation in the Maine Woods region. The work of the MWC is currently concentrated in three areas:
  1. Information sharing to promote awareness, collaboration and innovation among Maine Woods stakeholders;
  2. Expanding the influence of members on relevant large-scale Maine Woods initiatives; and 
  3. Incubating and guiding investment in initiatives that advance the economic, community and ecological well-being of the Maine Woods region.

The MWC includes many of the economic and community development organizations in the Maine Woods and is closely aligned with the opportunities and challenges facing the region’s people, businesses and communities.

If you have questions about the Consortium, please contact a member of the Coordinating Team. Click here to view contact information. 



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