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Tourism Programs

The Maine Woods Consortium is committed to advancing quality of place and strengthening the link between the natural environment and built human communities in the Maine Woods through a collaborative approach to experiential destination tourism development. Current MWC tourism development activities include: 

On May 6th, the Maine Woods Consortium hosted a retreat titled Creating Quality Vacation Destinations in the Maine Woods for tourism business leaders and other stakeholders to discuss destination development strategies that would benefit communities and businesses across the Maine Woods. Click here for more information.

Maine Woods Tourism Training Initiative

Maine Woods Tourism Training Initiative
The purpose of the Maine Woods Tourism Training Initiative (MWTTI) is to deliver a comprehensive, multi-modal training program to meet educational needs expressed by tourism businesses and their employees in the Maine Woods.  MWTTI organizes county networks of public and private training providers in Franklin, Oxford, Somerset Piscataquis, Penobscot, Aroostook and Washington counties. MWTTI continues to support local training networks while working at the state level to forge a plan for long-term sustainability. Click here to learn more about MWTTI.

****Matching funds are available to offset the costs of expert advice to help strengthen your tourism business. Learn more here.****

Maine Woods Tourism Quality Labeling Research

Quality labels for tourism have been used successfully in some parts of the world to help tourists confidentially select high-quality experiences well suited to their expectations. Their application has also been shown to help build regional brands elsewhere and could potentially strengthen the enduring brand of the Maine Woods. 

MWC members are currently working with a small group of resource people and stakeholders including Bowdoin College economist David Vail to evaluate interest among businesses and trade associations in a Maine Woods Tourism Quality Label.

Maine Woods Discovery

Maine Woods Discovery is a regional pilot project to support network-based tourism packaging and promotion among primarily small and medium-sized Maine Woods tourism providers. 

The MWC is working with business, non-profit and state partners to build on the program launched in summer 2009 by developing and marketing a second generation of experiential tourism offerings. In addition to providing direct support to participating tourism businesses, the MWC views this initiative as pilot to help understand the common attributes and standards of successful Maine Woods tourism experiences while also developing and testing the common business commitments needed to ensure successful, network-based marketing of tourism packages.

To learn more about Maine Woods Discovery visit the website,, or contact a member of the Maine Woods Consortium Coordinating Team.
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